"Dutch Castle" - 16" X 20" Oil on Canvas

$ 750.00

UPDATE: I went to Holland in September and was blessed to be able to bring my first ever painting back with me, we rolled the canvas. I've finally had it cleaned, re stretched and framed! Love the fact that I have it back. It's actually 32" x 24" pretty close to what I remembered. 

* This is a picture of the painting that STARTED IT ALL! The one my Grandmother had me paint when I was about 16 or 18. It was originally painted by her uncle and damaged while my aunt was walking it to the art gallery to be re-varnished, a car actually hit my aunt and the painting broke in half. My aunt, from what I remember, was bruised but OK.

It is currently in the Netherlands with my Brother & His Family. I can not remember the original size, I'm thinking about 20" x 30". *

Available to be painted again, it wouldn't be exact but pretty darn close. Also available in any size, pricing will vary.