Hi Everyone! February 06 2020

It has been years since I posted anything on my website, mainly due to the many changes in my life, in the last 5 years. I have kept painting as much as I could although not as much as I would have liked. Two moves, three surgeries & a job loss later I'm going strong in regards to painting. I am able to do about 4 or more paintings a week, now that I'm no longer employed with anyone but myself! :-)

I do however need to find a part-time job as my social security and the number of paintings I sell is not enough to cover my bills. I'm looking for something within the arts as at 69 I prefer that over any other alternative. I am currently on unemployment but regretfully that will run out soon. :-( 

I volunteer at Silver Key and they requested I give an art class once a month, which is still in the works. 

Since I now have more time on my hands I'll post more often in regards to what's happening and I'll also post my paintings to here quicker. I usually post to my Facebook page first and then here. 

Thank you for viewing and liking my works and please feel free to request any kind of painting as I do commission work. I am consistently growing in my self-taught talent and loving it! Also, feel free to contact me with questions. 

Again Thank You! Peace, Love & Light Always! <3