The Beginning March 31 2014


This is really strange to me, first I've never written a blog and second this is my first website showing and selling my paintings. *I wonder if smileys show up here?* :-) 

I'm going with the least expensive way to start this website, so I'm sure, this is why it's so time consuming, I'll be updating slowly but surly! Learning as I go!! Please feel free to give me any advice you may have, after you check this out....... :-) 

Since I haven't painted in a long, long time and just started up again the beginning of this year, I don't have many paintings to choose from. I am willing to make an effort to paint anything you may have in mind, just please be aware that oil paint takes a while to dry so this is definitely not an instant gratification situation, unless the painting is already completed. :-) 

Ideas welcome. 

Love & Light Always,